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​We're a team of highly trained professional academic CV writers, carefully selected for our academic CV writing expertise and our ability to understand your skills, experience and achievements, pen them to paper in a professional manner and align them with your career aspirations. We take the time to consult with you personally, research your history, understand your goals, then draft an exquisitely worded CV and present it in a clean, modern design.

The Quality Of A CV People® Academic CV Is The Result Of A Strict Methodology.

An integrated and independent company, CV People® is host to a variety of professions, brought to life by career consultants who are experts in their respective fields. This diversity comes from the company’s complete control over its elite writing process. The brand is able to constantly reinforce its quality requirements thanks to its proprietary training programme. Its know-how is also made available right across Australia thanks to an exceptional after-sales and customer service team. CV People's company culture is based above all on human values, which place both expertise and soft skills at the heart of the brand’s different activities.

Secure A Higher Starting Salary, More Interviews & More Job Offers.
On Average, CV People® Clients Secure:

24% Salary Increase
3.4 x More Interviews
2.6 x More Job Offers

Professionally Designed & Fully ATS Optimised. We Give You The Option To Choose Your Preferred CV Design!

Our Academic CV Writing ​Service Includes:

A modern, clean, dynamic layout, professionally designed around the written content of your new resume in Word & PDF.

Exquisitely worded utilising accurate grammar and syntax using keywords targeted to your profession/industry.

An academic CV writer who will consult with you personally to fully understand your goals and career aspirations.

A 2 business day turnaround on your first drafts, guaranteed to pass ATS algorithms targeted to positions.

Who Is The Academic CV Service ​Suitable For?

Our academic CV writing service fits the majority of academics regardless of experience. Academic CVs are typically suitable for clients working in the below industries. An academic CV usually spans 4+ pages. If your existing CV is 3 pages or shorter or you do not fall in to the below industries consider our Professional Resume Writing Service.

Agricultural Science


Architecture and Design

Arts and Culture


Business and Economics


Computer Science












Political Science


Social Science

Space Science


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