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Writing a cover letter that will secure you the interview

Writing a targeted cover letter is the most crucial step for being selected for an interview.

Firstly, it shows you have taken the time to read and understand the job description, this will automatically give you an advantage over 35% of the other applicants.

The way in which you write the cover letter should show how you specifically meet the criteria of the position. Identify the three key aspects the employer is looking for and detail tangible examples of this skill or experience within the cover letter.

In terms of the length, aim for two to three paragraphs at most and certainly not more than an A4 page, the cover letter should be brief and the content should ignite a desire in the reader to review your CV.

Ensure the cover letter is personally addressed to the hiring manager. Include their name, job title and job reference. Don’t waste your time with generic cover letters, all this shows to the employer is that you are not actually interested in their particular position and that you are simply playing a numbers game.

For more information on our cover letter writing services visit the cover letter section of our website under services. Our professional CV writers are always on hand to assist with your application.

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